Up! First and foremost, “I don’t know what will happen but, here we go!” is the usual mantra for riders who go on a specific ride or a getaway.

I met this guy named Rob Rocamora from Fun Ride Ta Bai, who has a new bike, second bike I mean, ahem, Suzuki Raider 150 and wants to condition or they call it break-in going to Balamban. Balamban is one of the municipalities in the province of Cebu surrounded by luscious mountains. He posted in FRTB Facebook Page to have it on Sunday. I was wondering why it had to be in Balamban. I’m not a rider and I don’t even know the place and I’m not from Cebu either. Haha. They chose that place for one main reason, the famous burger. A li’l bit curious huh!

After me and my partner attended the Holy Eucharist, we were ready to chase the wind. We rode directly to Shell Gasoline Station in Lahug as our meet-up location and unfortunately, they waited for us. Hehe. Sorry for that, we need to attend the mass guys and I met new riders AGAIN, from FRTB, quite friendly though. PEACE masters!

Helmets on, engines are powered, hand-signals are showing, blowing horns (for real!) and after few minutes, I was feeling the wind behind my ears. I didn’t know that from Lahug going to Busay was not enough to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Our first stop was known as “Red Cliff”. It is called Red Cliff because literally, the cliff is color red. Aw! 111

Of course, I need to have a picture as remembrance.


Here’s my partner taking his shot. Without him, I wouldn’t be here.

By the way, I’m the only lady who joined this short ride, a backrider though. I also got the chance to witness racing cars, surprised by how the Porsche drivers speed up. 10365852_10204031330121067_1104713667692029572_n

By the way, meet Badboy, my partners’ bike. Soon, I can also have a Suzuki Raider 150. Feeling rich!

Upon arriving, I instantly got curious with the burgers they were clamoring about. 10945472_10205937443972722_716480819_n And I said, “Dayon? Mao ra ni gi anhi nnyo?”. They answered, “Huwata mag sunset”. Curious!  “Daw beh”, I said.

As we escaped the polluted and noisy city, I didn’t expect this place to be as beautiful and peaceful as it can be. 10366000_10204031336801234_1866764114628625290_n I just needed to take a few sample pictures from the picturesque scenery that surrounded me at the time. And here I was contemplating at how our Creator managed to come up with such an amazing place. I initially thought that the riders were here for the burger, albeit they tasted good as well, but it was the scenery that caught me by surprise. Ahm, should I say this, road curves is also the reason why riders love to go to Felixberto. Banking or the act of sloping to one side when turning in the curves gives the thrill unlike anything else. This craving for adrenaline completes us like ice completing the halo-halo. 1234 10660347_862112173808018_5125625040428566307_n 11111 You can also see at the left side of the Island of Cebu, the Negros Region.  How I wish I can go to that place by just pointing at it. Isn’t it amazing?


And of course, my first time to eat the burger they have with soda too. Yummy! Ginhawa tag fresh air while gakaon and a group of new friends that are so kalog. Nice meeting you guys!



What made the experience so memorable for me was the camaraderie between the riders and I did not expect that they would be so down to Earth. I enjoyed the ride going to the place but I was exhilarated with the experience that these guys gave me. It’s good to get out of the city once in a while and experience what nature has to offer.

But what makes my day fulfilling, aside from gaining new friends, gazed God’s creation and the yummy burger? It’s the person who makes me feel complete. Char! Way pagmahayng ni uban ko. Sumala pa nila, huwata ang sunset. Ka nice man diay. Lablab pa more! ❤ 10420102_803427716343131_3308280317214421582_n

Credits to Melvin Niez for this wonderful picture. So love it! It is indeed a memorable one and this is our last ride picture before July 5th incident happened.

What I took from this experience is that God really loves us that He has created such a wonderful place for us to enjoy. Apart from the scenery, let me chew on this for a while. I can relate this experience to the burger that was offered to me by the guys. I can relate the wonders of God to the burger patty wherein you need to dig deep in order to taste its wonder while you have friends and family as the buns to bring the burger together and the condiments as your loved one to spice things up!